Erika M

What kinds of targeting have you experienced?

  • stalked by groups
  • stalked or assaulted while driving
  • computer hacking/spyware
  • directed energy weapon attacks
  • attempts at involuntary hypnosis
  • gaslighting
  • V2K (voice commands,tinnitus)
  • induced dreams/telepathy
  • involuntary implantation
  • followed by aircraft

Describe any additional types of targeting here:

  • stalked, surveilled, deceived, manipulated by family members
  • harassed by teachers, classmates
  • harassed at work

When did you first realize you were being targeted? What happened?

Jan 2014 first I saw that my YouTube account had been hacked, used as a backdoor, and other accounts had been piggybacked onto it. A day or two later I saw that the webcam icon on my gmail account kept turning itself on. Almost simultaneously, I noticed intensive, aggressive, gang stalking in the community and on the internet. These and certain other events made clear to me that I was under some kind of intense surveillance, which I attempted to report to police. Rather than taking the report, the police tried to have me locked up on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

How long do you think you have been targeted? What makes you think this?

I now know that I have been “targeted” probably since birth. There are many things that make me think this. One key thing is that I had a series of repeated identical dreams around 1971. Just recently I began to have repeated identical dreams. This, and the specific content of the dreams make me think that the dreams were remotely induced. I now believe that I have had many induced dreams over my life. I remember many of them very clearly and can explain why I think they were induced.

Another thing that happened beginning about 1971 or 72 while I was still in preschool is that I began to suffer from chronic, fairly severe nosebleeds. The nosebleeds eventually lessened and went away, but also came back again in recent days, coinciding with directed energy attacks.

I have experienced brief, transient tinnitus off and on over the years as well. I recently came to identify it as an indicator of mind control technology, though I’m not sure what its purpose is.

I first noticed a microwave weapon burn on my body probably in the 1990s. I didn’t understand what it was at the time. In 2017 I learned a lot more about directed energy weapons, and received many directed energy weapon injuries.

Do you think other family members are being targeted?

How has targeting affected friends and family members or your relationship with them?

The effect has been profound.

I believe my targeting is the result of a generational situation in my family. I believe that my mother is also a victim of mind control, and I’m not completely certain how far it goes back. I know that there is a pattern of familial rejection in my mother’s family line connected to English and French aristocracy that goes back about 200 years.

I see evidence of subtle rejecting behavior by teachers and others going back to kindergarten, and getting worse as I got older. The effect was to make me feel an outcast, or invisible. In retrospect, this seems to have been a deliberate effort.

I raised my daughter as a single mother. Most of the time, I did it without support. It was difficult, but we had an excellent relationship. She is now grown. Family members and others have recently worked to drive a wedge between myself and my daughter. My daughter is a top scholar and model citizen with a full scholarship but has not been able to get into a top college. I believe she is also being blacklisted.

How has targeting affected your ability to work, go to school, go on vacation, etc?

It has utterly destroyed all of these things due to harassment, blacklisting, defamation, destruction of privacy, and financial destruction. It is a form of terrorism.

How has targeting affected you financially?

The effect has been devastating. It has placed me in a situation of forced dependance on people who’s goals are to further harm me and my personal relationships. It has prevented me from reaching any kind of professional goal, and recently increased to the point where I can’t even work an entry level or minimum wage job without dealing with constant harassment.

Have you ever tried to report targeting-related activities to police or other law enforcement?

If yes, you tried to report targeting to police or other law enforcement, what happened?

I was aware of illegal surveillance before I became aware of targeting with mind control technology. I attempted to report that surveillance to police. They asked me to do a short psychiatric assessment before making the report. I agreed to do so. The doctor asked me a bout 4 or 5 basic questions designed to assess whether I was a danger to myself or anyone else. I answered them properly, and gave no indication that I was a danger to anyone. The doctor nonetheless tried to put me into a 72 hour involuntary psychiatric hold, but relented when I told the staff that my daughter was at home waiting for me to prepare dinner that night. When I later requested my medical record from that visit, I found that it was full of fabrications. Later I discovered fabrications throughout recent medical records, mostly secret, defamatory psychological diagnoses that no one had ever told me about.

The following day, I tried again to make a police report. After calling a couple more times, it became clear that the police would not help me. My next move was to try and find legal help. In the process of doing that, I was picked up by sheriffs for absolutely no reason, and placed into a “behavioral health” facility where I was subjected to trauma-based mind control techniques.

I later learned that my mother had called the sheriffs, and had falsely reported me as being “suicidal.”

Have you engaged in other acts of defense against targeting behaviors (shielding, letters, lawsuits, etc)

Describe what defensive tactics you have tried

Evasion/shielding: I try to move out of the range of the beam weapons. At home I tried to make a DIY faraday cage to confuse beam weapons by hanging mylar and shredded mylar blankets around the apartment. Without money, it’s pretty difficult to shield yourself, and even then, it’s difficult.

I have written many letters: to police, to political leaders, to medical facilities. Now my primary defense is to try and stop targeting, or at the very least, to get people and especially the press to talk about it openly, before it is completely out of control (assuming that is not yet the case). If you can’t speak about something, how can you properly assess its value or danger to society? This is why we have a 1st amendment.

Have you ever been attacked with directed energy weapons in your own home?

Have you experienced medical defamation or abuse?

Describe any medical abuse you have experienced:

I have been lied to, I have been lied about. I have seen several falsified quotes in medical records. I was locked up on a psychiatric hold which was completely invalid and essentially forced to take an anti-psychotic drug. I believe I have at least a dozen, probably more, radio frequency implants in my body. Doctors know but refuse to tell the truth about any of this. I believe I am the victim of nonconsensual experimentation for testing unconstitutional biotech and spy tech.

Have you ever been assaulted with directed energy weapons?

Have you ever been involved in targeting without being the target?


Have you ever been attacked with directed energy weapons in your own home?

Have you ever been sexually assaulted with directed energy weapons?

Have you ever been attacked with directed energy weapons while in or near a medical facility?

Have you ever been attacked with directed energy weapons while driving a vehicle?

Have you ever been attacked with directed energy weapons in an airport, or on an airplane?

Have you ever been attacked with directed energy weapons in a hotel room?

What kinds of symptoms have you experienced?

  • pain
  • tingling, numbness
  • dizziness, disorientation
  • cognitive effects
  • breathing problems
  • racing heart / heart problems
  • tinnitus / v2k
  • sleep deprivation
  • sleep induction
  • dream induction
  • vision changes
  • weakness in limbs
  • involuntary movement / spasms

Have you been involved in targeting without being the target?

Gender Female

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