Ramola D Reports #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis of Melbourne Australia

Report #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis – Author of the Red Back Web

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Dr. Helen Tsigounis of Melbourne, Australia is the author of a book called The Red Back Web (free download via archive.org).


4:40 Dr. Helen Tsigounis has been targeted since 1994.

4:45 “The medical school was actually controlled by new world order agents. Some of them were high degree Freemasons, other were part of the Illuminati Satanic cult, also known as the Otto, which is registered in Australia as a Satanic cult… It appears that this these groups have actually infiltrated all areas of the system in Australia: medicine, the law, the media, the government, the intelligence agencies. It appears that this network actually is the deep state… they are on the highest echelons of power controlling the deep state… so we have a network that is actually controlling all aspects of society in Australia.”

6:00 The subdean of medicine was a high-degree freemason, allegedly Satanist and allegedly part of a V.I.P. pedophile ring. This person was actually the new world order watch dog at the Monash University at Victoria, Melbourne.

7:27 “The mainstream media, instead of reporting truth about my case, actually reported the lies… despite the fact that I had given them the correct information beforehand.” Her human rights were destroyed.

10:00 Discusses blacklisting of minority medical students or others who don’t fit into a “satanic new world order.”

11:00 There was a lot of bullying, a lot of harassment.

11:40 She was told, “stop studying. No matter how much you study, he’ll fail you.” She found someone ripping up her class notes. They would try to emotionally destabilize her right before an exam. (OMG this has happened to me and to my daughter as well.)

13:00 Her dog disappeared. Someone had broken the fence.

15:00 She was failed after she thought she had passed her exams. He would not let her see her papers to understand why she had failed. A FOIA was sent to the medical school demanding to see her papers. She found that her good work had been crossed out.

17:00 When presented to the Dean of Medicine, he admitted it was a mistake. Suggested her attitude was the problem. “‘If you do anything against the department, you will never get your degree… so my advice to you is put your head down, repeat the year again, be quiet…”

18:30 “Once I graduated from medical school, they became even more vicious towards destroying me, and they decided to destroy me through their control of the (teaching) hospitals.” Did internship in 1998, got good marks. In 10th month working 18 hours day, wards with 100 patients when other students had more like 5 patients. Approached by Dr. Eleanor Flynn, who was concerned about the way she had noted sick leave (wrote “sick” instead of “sick leave.”) Had multiple meetings over trivial things. Says that meanwhile, other interns were “actually killing” patients “due to poor knowledge and negligence, and nothing was ever done.”

20:47 Another intern was ripping out medical notes that Dr. Tsigounis was writing, making it seem like she hadn’t seen a patient, when she had. There was a pattern of degenerate behavior being promoted and rewarded, and good behavior being punished.

21:50 She had a car accident during her 1994 blacklisting where her brakes snapped, and she was injured, nearly died.

22:15 After an 18 hour day, 18 days straight of work, 10 months into her internship, she was suspended for no reason. The matter was referred to the medical board. The medical board said, “Dr. Flynn says ‘you have lack of insight.’ We want you to go through a psychiatric assessment with our psychiatrist.” Lawyer said, “they’re trying to ‘get you’ with psychiatry now.'” They couldn’t find a complaint, so decided to attack her through psychiatry. So she went to see an independent psychiatrist for a thorough, complete assessment “from top to toe.” Independent psychiatrist said Dr. Tsigounis had a high level of insight, was intelligent, and was being persecuted. That opinion was supported also by her intern assessments. Then she went to see the psychiatrist from the board who said “you’ve got lack of insight, and I’m putting psychiatric conditions on your registration.” I was told to sign that I had lack of insight to agree with the board. I was bullied to sign a paper stating that I agree that I have lack of insight. Was told that they wouldn’t place her unless she signed the paper. Lawyer said “just sign it.” So she signed it, but Dr. Tsigounis found she had been blacklisted anyway.

25:43 Worked in Greece until 2002 then returned to Australia.

26:14 Began to work in Queensland (Chancellor Hospital). Dr. Barry Hodges said Dr. Tsigounis would be protected from “the old boys network” there. But she was told to see a psychiatrist since there were psychiatric conditions on her papers. Was advised by a whistleblower to bring in a tape recorder “because in situations like this, psychiatrists just make things up.” She decided not to take a tape recorder because it might make her seem paranoid. Psychiatrist saw her for about 10 minutes. Wrote a report that Dr. Tsigounis had a “paranoid personality,” and then fraudulently made things up that were never said. “I should have taken in a tape recorder.” Now she had a myriad of psychiatric conditions on her registration and has to see a psychiatrist and a GP once a week, getting all her supervisors having to report on her psychiatrically every week. Humiliating, degrading, and made her life very difficult, but she went along with it. She would visit a friend who is a lawyer in Sidney, and also visited outside psychiatrists over a one year period. She wanted them in particular to assess her for “paranoid personality.” Sent these psychiatric reports to the medical board to prove she doesn’t have a paranoid personality in order to get the psychiatric conditions removed from her registration. One psychiatrist stated that she had “NO criteria based on DSM that could state Dr. Tsigounis was paranoid on any level.” Medical board didn’t like that. Her application for removal of psychiatric conditions was not put through. So she resigned from Chancellor Hospital and went back to Melbourne to pursue her case through the legal system. She had many brilliant reports written about her by her supervisors. Doctor Hodges of clinical training wrote a brilliant report. The medical board totally ignored all the facts and all the reports. “Instead they said, ‘we’re banning you from the profession.'” Dr. Karen Yen (?) of Queensland came out with two false complaints. One stated that she had misdiagnosed a case of meningitis, and another stated that she had placed a vaginal speculum in “the wrong hole.” Tsigounis replied that the complaints are both false and she wants the patients’ medical records so that she can investigate further. They refused to give her the medical records. Several months later, they didn’t have enough dirt to blacklist her completely, so they used taxpayer money to hire investigators to witch-hunt her and question her former collegues at Chancellor hospital. A year after she left the hospital, she was presented with complaints like when she wrote “s/l” for sublingual, her “l” looked like a “c.” Further investigation revealed that the two reports of negligence were false: they had been made up by the medical board.

33:30 Because they started with a lie, in order to perpetuate the lie, they used the method of repetition. Doctors (associated with the Masonic network) who had neither seen the patient in question nor the patent notes signed affidavits alleging negligence in a patient (Jared Young) alleged to have meningitis but who in fact had a migrane related to his occupation as a miner. Young had been in the hospital several times with these headaches. “They criminally conspired to perpetrate fraud in order to persecute and destroy my career.” (editor’s note: In my case, I have also noticed the deliberate use of repetition by medical doctors to shore up and seem to lend legitimacy to a serious and fraudulent lie.)

35:00 The doctors who created the affidavits, and who were cross-examined in court were:

  • Dr. David Cooksley
  • Dr. Neil Small
  • Dr. Mark Elcock
  • Dr. Julia Ashley

35:45 “They knew the truth, because the medical records were there… including Dr. Karen Yen from the medical board…” Alleges that they all criminally conspired to commit fraud.

36:00 “the vaginal/anal mixup” allegation was the same doctors signing an affidavit, but no actual patient was identified. Details were inconsistent, the affidavits were based on hearsay, and no one could remember from whom they had heard the rumor. Nonetheless, these affidavits were used to bar Dr. Tsigounis from the medical profession.

37:15 Says there is a “new world order blacklist.” “If your name becomes part of this list, you will be hounded by these people… I’m not the only one… there have been so many other people.” (editor’s note: I am one of them.)

37:52 “very difficult to give up your life… your human rights.” (editor’s note: difficult and extremely unjust.)

38:22 “Any Freemason in the system can actually place you on the blacklist.” Says that the Freemasons are used by Illuminati families. “The issue is with the system, not with just the medical procession.”

39:00 Employed a team of top lawyers to handle her case, in an attempt to save her career. She employed an attorney (Mark Dreyfus) who is currently (Jan 2018) the Attorney General of QC, and who became the Attorney General after her case. Also Jane Dixon and (?) editor’s note: I have also noticed the insta-promotion of hostile actors to very high, well-compensated positions – in my case I noticed this specifically with someone in the legal field – and who’s salary is paid with public funds.)

40:00 Employed Mark Dreyfus for 9 months (Chapter 4 of her book “The Dreyfus Legal Team.”). “What I found… shocked me to the core. My own solicitors were trying to cover up the administrative errors made by the medical board that would have won me the case.” Says that according to the law, she should have won the case outright based on administrative and legal errors made by the medical board (explains why).

41:00 Says that Dreyfus not only covered up the administrative and legal errors, but also buried relevant evidence in her favor, trying to create a “false reality” around the case. All relevant memorandums are published in her book (Chapter 4).

42:11 Claims she found that that Dr. Adler is used frequently “by the government” to cover for Satanic ritual abuse. Major case in Victoria was “The Santa Maria Case” also covered in Chapter 4. “Mark Dreyfus was also a Zionist jew, but I didn’t think that was important when I employed him… but in retrospect, I think it was an issue.”

Dreyfus refused to mention Professor Robert Adler, Head of the Medical Board and Head Child Psychiatrist who instigated the initial psychiatric assertion against her (that she showed “lack of insight.”)

45:00 Dreyfus, under her employment, refused to include the truth about the medical board and administrative errors. Says that Dreyfus was also trying to include medical experts who had nothing to do with her or her work, while refusing to include her three requested medical experts. Dreyfus insisted on including an opinion by Professor Rodney Judson from the Royal Melbourne. Judson was also a “high-degree Mason himself, a Zionist Jew himself” and it was clear to her that he was very close to the psychiatrists from the medical board.

Against her instructions, Dreyfus got a report from Judson, for which she was charged $5,000. In the report, Judson claimed that there was in fact a patient with meningitis. Under Dr. Tisgounis’ cross-examination, she found Judson hadn’t seen any of the medical reports. She believes he had simply written what he was told, and was paid for that.

46:47 Filed a complaint against Dreyfus with the Barrister Committee with clear-cut evidence. Complaint was turned down. Was left without a lawyer.

46:54 “One of the issues with being targeted is you cannot find lawyers. And if you do, the lawyers are approached by the intelligence agencies, and some of them are paid off to obstruct your case; others are coerced. But what they have to do is obstruct your case and pervert the cause of justice through and through… I didn’t know that at the time.”

47:30 She had found an Italian lawyer, Prospero Franzese, to represent her, but the judge refused to allow. Judge said “you will be doing the case yourself. I give you three minutes to prepare yourself.” Judge refused to give her time to find a new lawyer, insisted that she must represent herself.

48:00 Said it was obvious that the judge was going to try to find a way to rule against her, so she saw her role as making it difficult for the judge to obstruct justice. That she needed to put so much compelling evidence in her favor into the courtroom that to rule against her would put the judge at risk.

48:18 “This judge was persecuting me from the start… didn’t call me ‘doctor’ for the whole time.”

49:00 Medical board kept switching witnesses, so that she wouldn’t be prepared (to cross-examine that specific witness).

51:00 “I reached the point where I expected any bizarre, unlawful, unjudicial behavior by this judge… I actually conducted the whole case myself.”

51:30 “Another example of lawyer corruption… one of the lawyers I employed, Philip Leache, he was actually trying to asset-strip me. And the whole point of the legal and judicial process in a case like this is to asset-strip the person… I spent over a million dollars in legal fees, and in the end I had to represent myself. So where did all this money go?”

52:00 Dreyfus had refused to subpoena one of the most important key witnesses, Dr. Karen Yuen. Philip Leache sent a text-invoice stating that per Dr. Tsigounis’ instructions, he had subpoenaed Dr. Yuen. For this, he charged her $10,000. But when Dr. Tsigounis checked the court records, she found the subpoena had never been sent.

52:52 “All along I had made complaints with black & white proof of legal solicitors’ corruption to the law society in Australia, and nothing has happened. They have written back stating ‘no evidence to support your claims’ when there is clear-cut evidence. So that is the level of corruption that has occurred.”

53:25 The case was a three-week process. “I conducted the case myself… and I actually did it very well.”

53:33 “Another thing the lawyers are trying to do is get rid of all the documents… so every time I give them documents, my own lawyers would just totally make them disappear. What they wanted to do was get rid of all the evidence that was in the court case. All the evidence of the district court.” They didn’t expect that she would be able to conduct the case herself.

54:25 Court transcripts #D1136, are publicly available. Also copied in book. (editor’s note: the book is well-documented.)

54:50 At the end of the district court hearing, she employed another prominent QC, Tony Morris, to conduct the case. He created a document for the Supreme Court Appeal stating that the primary judge was biased, failed to adhere to appropriate standards of proof, conducted an unfair trial, etc. “It is the function of the Supreme Court to correct errors of law that have occurred by a previous district court judge.

55:33 Had a two-day Supreme Court Hearing at the Supreme Court of Brisbane with Tony Morris. “After the first day, I realized that my own solicitor once again was covering up the evidence of proving fraud by the medical board and criminal conspiracy to commit fraud. That issue they didn’t want to actually be before the court… because then it becomes a criminal matter. They didn’t want that.”

56:00 “The Supreme Court judges all being Freemasons from what I’ve been told, were basically stating, ‘Well, she just got rid of Mark Dreyfus.'” They had a copy of her Ethics Committee complaint (about Dreyfus) showing that one of the issues was that Dreyfus had withdrawn from the case a week before the hearing, despite having been paid $10,000 deposit for the actual hearing, and despite having worked for Dr. Tsigounis for nine months prior to the hearing. They covered for Dreyfus, tried to make it look like Dr. Tsigounis was just “getting rid of her legal team.” Dreyfus withdrew from the case: that was the center of her Ethics Committee complaint.

57:30 Mention of a Dreyfus creating a “false affidavit… not based on the evidence.” “There are a lot of issues there that need to be addressed.”

58:20 Mark Dreyfus stopped being a QC “during my complaint” and became Attorney General of Australia.

58:39 “I think my story… points to a lot of truths about the system and how it operates.”

58:56 After the first day of the Supreme Court hearing she rang up a barrister named Charles Waterstreet and said “…my own QC is… refusing to address the fraud, malicious intent, and criminal conspiracy to commit fraud by the medical board and a number of doctors in relation to the meningitis patient… The main complaint against me was false.”
Waterstreet instructed her to give written instructions to Morris to address the fraud & malicious intent by the medical board and its witnesses, or else stand down, and you take over the case. Tony Morris said “I’ll present this to the judges.” Judges asked why the medical board could possibly wish to conspire against her.

1:01:52 “What is most important about my book is it verifies that there was no meningitis patient… that the medical records of this patient were totally falsified.” Says the “acute bacterial meingitis” patient was a malicious fabrication by Dr. Karen Yueng of the medical board.

1:03:00 Appealed to High Court of Australia, did the document herself, had lost faith in solicitors. Said it was in public interest to address this case. Presented “something like” 15 areas of law to the High Court. Was turned down.

1:03:30 Wrote to the Chief of Justice asking for a Judicial Review based on all the areas of law. He said “I’m not going to reply.”

1:04:10 “I’m in a position now where I need to find a lawyer in Australia.”

1:04:15 “Since then, last year there were two Senate inquiries in relation to the Medical Board bullying and corruption that were conducted… I’m not allowed to talk about them.” Mentions Independent Australia articles about her case by David Donovan.

1:05:45 Also mentioned in David Donovan’s Independant Australia ‘psychological imprisonment’ article. “Because they do imprison for life… when they take away all your human rights.”

1:05:58 She submitted “all this evidence” to the Senate Inquiries, “black and white, beyond a reasonable doubt criminality by the medical board.” They accepted her inquiries as relevant, filed them, made them confidential out of the public arena for 30 years. And I was given an order not to mention them or make her inquires or documents available to anyone… I think it’s called a gagging order.”

1:06:48 “The Senators… failed to exercise their powers as Senators of an inquiry… It was a perversion to the cause of justice as well.”

1:07:14 “Apart from this formal process of being attacked by the system, which i can prove, I can actually prove I am a targeted individual, and I was targeted. I can prove that… before a court of law, and of course there’s a lot of damages associated with what they’ve done to me. The Australian government and the Australian system are still trying to obstruct and cover up the truth of my matter to prevent me from obtaining my human rights to the law and justice.”

1:08:00 There appears to be a bar… banning all lawyers from taking on my case, and threatening them.

1:08:30 “They have financially stripped me of all my finances through the court process… they stripped me of my identity, taken away my human rights to the law of justice… prevented me from living my life the way I had planned it… Apart from the formal process, there was an informal stalking, harassment, defamation process that was going on the whole time. Calling me mad, calling me bipolar, going around saying I’m schizophrenic… there’s never been any evidence of this in any psychiatric report. Going on to say I’m a bad person.”

1:09:21 They approached a “low IQ” cousin of hers (failed high school), and enlisted her help with the defamation process. “The government’s actually done her a lot of favors for that.” She had approached the church for help, but couldn’t get help because of defamation by this cousin, who now has gotten “government jobs… and payouts… (and) a number of free trips.”

1:10:18 Ramola: “And that is how they’re doing it all around the world. This is the New World Order. This it the exact formula in action everywhere, even in the US.

1:10:50 “What they’re doing, this New World Order, is destroying intelligent people, and punishing them, and promoting people with very low IQs and giving them power… This is how they’re changing the system around.”

1:11:00 They approached another low IQ cousin (also a high school drop out), enlisted her help, and rewarded her.

1:12:44 “I do have the Jewish community against me here in Australia because of Mark Dreyfus. They’re trying to cover up for him just in case something gets to the surface and is revealed.”

1:13:00 She believes that “The Illuminati” have bribed judges, lawyers, members of the public, etc.

1:14:00 “I was registered as a doctor, but I was trying to get the psychiatric conditions removed from my registration… And instead, the medical board barred me from the profession.”

1:14:25 “One fraudulent thing that the judges did – they tried to even change what was appealed in the first place. Because the medical board had barred me from the profession… I appealed a decision against that. Now, the judges didn’t want me to appeal the decision against that… so the Supreme Court judges started changing around what the medical board decision was that was appealed… because if you are struck off from the profession, it is a grave situation. A lot of gravity is associated with this, which means the standard of proof that needs to be applied to your case is not the civil, but the Briginshaw which is close to the criminal, which is beyond reasonable doubt. The evidence has to be almost reasonable doubt that this has occurred… for her to be struck off” The Supreme Court claimed that she “wasn’t stuck off.” The Supreme Court, she says, actually falsified the decision by the medical board that Dr. Tsigounis had appealed. “Can you imagine the conspiracy – the criminal conspiracy – of their own judges and lawyers? .. It’s absolutely tragic. I’ve suffered severe post-traumatic stress from all of this. I can’t sleep at night, I have nightmares, very depressed at the moment… the level of corruption, basically, is astounding. It takes away your safety. You don’t feel safe in a society where you’re not protected by the law.”

1:17:25 “I was a targeted individual. I had no idea what really was going on. I knew I was targeted by the government. I didn’t know it was the intelligence agencies. Didn’t know the intelligence agencies… are all connected all over the west… I had faith that the high court would correct these errors of law…”

1:18:20 “I said to the judge, ‘Your Honor, you’ve placed me in this situation to defend myself and I’m not a lawyer.’ And he said ‘yes, it’s just like me doing surgery on myself tomorrow.'” … “It’s in the transcript.”

1:18:50 Was devastated at the end of the High Court experience. Went to Greece, stayed on an island, and wrote the book.

1:19:30 “You’re imprisoned. You’re not allowed to live your life. You’re not allowed to have an identity. You’re not allowed to have finances. You’re not allowed to have a social network. All my doctor friends dumped me on the day of the hearing. And they were approached. Friends I’d had over a thirty year period … ” Describes how her very close friend from childhood turned against her. “We were like sisters.”

(Editors’ note: I also lost my best friend. Although my childhood friend have not all completely abandoned me, I now know that they were all in some way complicit in the crimes against me and in fact that is most likely why they came into my life in the first place. Because of this, I no longer feel the same way about my friendships. I don’t feel that you can have true intimacy without trust, and I can no longer trust my “friends.” The few whom I could trust are being targeted by a brainwashing process.)

1:21:03 “This is what they do. They break all your supports. She was an emotional support for me. They try and just get into your life and break all the bonds that you have with people so you can be left with no support at all: emotional support, human support, human friendship. And this is a way that they use to actually weaken you as a person so you cannot fight back.”

1:21:34 Ramola: “They’re doing this to multiple people… these are the smartest, the brightest, the bravest, the most outspoken, the most courageous, the most excelling at their various fields and professions, people who stand out for one reason or another, and who cross paths with somebody who is possibly a Freemason or a Satanist or one of these Secret Society occultists who bring their little of network of thugs to bear on the issue and start ostracizing and marginalizing and literally excommunicating people from society.”

1:22:20 “I’ve come face to face with evil.”

1:22:40 Ramola: “It’s a plague. They are a plague on our society and on our world. They have taken over and they are doing this to multiple people around the world… We are living in a time right now where the intelligence agencies have such power.”

1:23:03 “This book was written ten years ago…”

1:23:55 “I’m trying to obtain a barrister that is brave enough to actually conduct the case and get me some form of justice… It’s the only thing I have left in my life. I’ve been working for justice for over 25 years, trying to salvage my career, my life, not being protected by the law. I feel very very vulnerable to the point where these people can do anything the want to me, and the law will not protect you. In other words, I’m an open victim… the intelligence agencies have said, ‘any crime against her will be covered by the system.’ And they have committed multiple crimes against me… and there have been attempts on my life, and the orders coming from that particular network.”

1:25:00 Ramola: “I’m very sorry to hear this but this is the exact story that I hear from others that are being targeted by these vile networks, exactly the same thing… literally, these people don’t stop at anything. They are going after people’s lives – the utter ruination of people’s lives.”

1:25:23 “What I’ve been told is that what has protected me so far is the fact that I’ve written the book… it’s in the public domain, and people have read it and know exactly what is going on… in the past, people were believing the government… When I say ‘the government,’ I mean the Masonic network which is really beyond the government. This Illuminati network actually controls the intelligence agencies. They are part of the intelligence agencies. Together they are the deep state… I was blacklisted to the deep state which is part of the Illuminati… These people abuse taxpayers money. They have been stalking me, and the medical board of Queensland spent millions of dollars paying solicitors to witch hunt me over a one-year period and interview absolutely everyone.”

A doctor (Dr. Small) testified against her, who had never seen her, never met her, never worked with her, didn’t even work in the hospital while she was there.

1:28:40 Discussion about Illuminati, Church of Satan, quasi-religious nature of the group, and how they sift people who are not part of their group out of the system, which allows them to maintain control over the system. “The system is theirs.” They promote degenerate people because they are willing to follow degenerate orders.

1:31:00 Ramola: “From speaking with you, Helen, and reading your book, I don’t know how anyone could come away thinking of you as anything less than absolutely brilliant, and absolutely competent, and absolutely compassionate, and you would have made a fantastic doctor all of these years. You could have practiced and helped so many people.”

1:31:50 “I think this has been done to a lot of other people… they get your solicitor to withdraw from the case. I think the significance of my case is that I pushed the case forward.”

1:33:00 “They hate normal people. It appears that these people are MKULTRA’d all their life… not normal people – they’re psychopaths… almost hate happy people… I believe these people are victims themselves, of the system… don’t know whether to pity them or hate them… I’m neutral… I hated them for a long time because they destroyed my life… they’re actually very weak individuals.”

1:34:00 “The destruction of my personal life… it’s in the final chapter of my book… I’m not going into the details, but what they do, if you are in a relationship like I was with a French journalist at the beginning of the court hearing, they will try to destroy it in any way they can.” (Editors’ note: I can confirm this. It has happened to me more than once.)

“They had gone to the point where they had hired an Illuminati here in Victoria to actually approach and seduce me and get into a relationship with me in order to destroy my relationship with my French journalist and to give them information. And I think it was even more sinister than that. When I was with him, he was getting phone calls. That’s how I put it all together. He was meant to actually observe me, but in the end it worked in the reverse because I actually observed him and realized: he was trauma-based mind-controlled, he couldn’t sleep at night… it was a personality disorder which I originally put down to psychopathic but then I thought borderline – I had no idea of MKULTRA existing. Then I realized he was part of the same network that had attacked me when Professor Robert Adler from the Medical Board… Chief Child Psychiatrist of Melbourne – who had placed the conditions on my registration was a friend of his, and I thought how could this guy who’s not a doctor be affiliated with (Dr. Adler) – and they were calling him in the middle of the night ordering him to do things to me, like damage me, or whatever, and he was saying… “I can’t do it” … and when I realized what was going on, I was out of there! … I was so horrified and shocked that someone could prostitute themselves out like that because that what these people are… to go and have a relationship with someone in order to feed back information, try and harm them, try and obstruct the case?! It was the beginning of the court hearings.

1:36:40 “What the Illuminati did not want was for my case to be heard through the court system.” Ramola: “They wanted to stop it getting to the court system because that’s public record, that’s brining it out into the open. And that led to your book which is another form of disclosure, but literally, the book was based on the court case.”

1:37:00 Was threatened while writing the book. Was told by an Englishman “if you write the book, you will have the same fate of Princess Diana. Thought “what’s she (Diana) got to do with me?”

1:38:00 After the court case she worked in Greece for a few years. While the Masonic network in Greece had been “alerted” and she was stalked, surveilled, and obstructed, she felt there was a balance there, in that there were also good people who were aware what was going on. She was being harassed and defamed in Greece, but “they were too scared to take it to the next level” and destroy her career. They tried, but backed down. In Greece, the judiciary “is still functioning on some level” because people fear it there, whereas in Australia it appears that the judiciary is completely captured. In Australia “they can commit any act and the judges will cover up for them.”

1:39:10 “it goes back to the legal system which is a very important system that should be functioning in society, to control people’s behaviors.”

1:39:46 “I’ve been left to be targeted by these Satanic cults. We know they’re very dangerous, and they’re capable of anything.”

1:40:00 Brief mentions of pedo-porn, pedo-sadism, snuff films.

1:40:50 “When you are targeted… the intelligence agencies have put out an order to murder you, basically.’… if it’s done, it will be covered up by the system.”

1:43:00 They are covering up something very bad.

1:45:35 Discussion about the situation with her “honeypot” boyfriend, and the way he was being manipulated.

1:47:35 “What if you’re targeted tomorrow?”

1:48:39 Ramola: “This is atrocious injustice. It should not be happening.”

1:48:39 “The new world order… are a traitor to Australian democracy and democracy all over the world. My case, in its simplest form, actually reveals a failure of a democratic process, which is very scary. We all want to live in a society in which we feel safe, and we are protected by the law, and the law functions, and medicine functions…”

1:49:29 “My pap smear disappeared… unfortunately they have control over doctors as well.”

1:50:30 “As a doctor going through the system I expected the medical system to function with a level of ethics, and morality. But after I found out they’re using psychiatry for political purposes and political prosecution of people, well, that just totally traumatized me to the core. How could a doctor do that? How could they actually sell their soul and behave criminally like that?… totally traumatized me… the actual criminality is so much bigger than that.”

1:51:34 “They are using doctors.”

1:52:50 Ramola says covert implantation began in with the CIA in 1952, and that the DSM was invented about the same time.

1:54:00 “Apparently psychology is full of MKULTRA patients (victims).” Cause of symptoms (trauma and electromagnetic weapon based mind control) is shifted and redirected.

1:55:22 Multiple personality disorder is actually a symptom of them being abused by these networks.

1:56:14 Thinks that false memory syndrome is a made-up diagnosis used to cover up abuse. It is an obvious way that psychiatry is used to cover up for these networks.

1:57:39 Wonders if there were/are a lot of satanists in psychiatry.

2:01:03 “I think my story actually traps many truths.”

2:05:27 “I have actually won the case, legally, based on the law. So all I need is a barrister who is willing to do a document. And I need some sort of justice for closure.”

2:07:10 “What I need is a powerful, confident barrister who is probably at the end of his career and can’t be destroyed by them… to actually feel that this case is such a perversion to the cause of justice and democracy and what Australia stand for, to actually take on my case and get me some sort of justice.”

2:08:00 “My life is still at risk because the government actually owes me a lot of compensation for what they’ve done… people don’t want to pay damages, and they don’t want to… get all these people that were (coerced) to participate in crimes against me… they don’t want these people going to jail or being held accountable for what they’ve done.”

2:09:26 “I’m 52 (?) now. I’ve been a targeted individual since my early 20s. It’s a very long time to be targeted and harassed… It’s taken a toll on me… they have damaged some part of my mind through this process… I think it’s what they want to do. They want to get rid of intelligent people from the system. They feel threatened by them.” Says she thinks they want to destroy intelligent and empathetic doctors who put patients first. “They hate that – putting patients first.”

2:10:00 Ramola says they have to close as something is happening with her P.C.

2:15:00 Feed cuts out.

Editor’s note: It is interesting to me that these events occurred in Melbourne. I have no connection to Australia that I know of, but it must have been in the late 1980s when I had a dream that I was in Melbourne, Australia (it was that city, specifically) and saw “the sun setting in the east.” Then my boyfriend who had been sleeping next to me, woke up and reported he had just had a dream that he was surfing in Australia.

At the time, I thought the interlocking dreams were a psychic occurrence. I have since come to understand that I’ve been having frequency generated dreams since early childhood. I now understand that these dreams about Australia had been generated by an outside force. — But why were we specifically placed in Melbourne, Australia?

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