A Year In A Life

Narrative 2017-2018
quoting from journals

JULY 10 2018 NOTE: This transcription is a work in progress. In the end, it will cover June 2017-June 2018

Photographic record PDF (5MB): seastorm.com/affidavits/visible_injuries/Erika_Meyer_microwave_weapons_visible_injuries_april2017-june2018.pdf

June 2017 incidents included flu-like symptoms generated by directed energy attacks which also left a red “spray” of spots over my legs, and a severe back pain incident lasting several days.

June 27, 2017

I acquired my full records from Mercy San Juan E.R. and from Dignity Health Behavioral Health Center (St. Joseph) in Stockton, CA. They were very falsified. Because of this very problem (evidence thefts, tampering) I decided to quickly photograph key records and upload them to a server as back-up. In the course of doing this, I noticed a couple new things. One was that at one point, they were trying to keep me committed to the behavioral health center for 14 days! Another page stated that “her mother states that she will bring her to OHSU Cascadia” (or it may have said to Oregon State hospital – she brought me to Cascadia, an in-patient clinic in Portland, operated by OHSU).

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