A Year In A Life

September 1, 2017

Last few days various attacks. I tend to forget most. Achey thighs and legs all day yesterday and today. Mild fingertip tingles. Pin prick itches all over body now a regular occurrence. This morning my left thigh and left neck were attacked. Then my left hand went numb. For some reason, my left hand frequently goes numb in the shower.

Then I went to the store but I was exhausted and could barely walk. Like now, I can barely write. It is more than normal tiredness.

Outside tonight I walked to Q.F.C. There are dozens – likely hundreds of drones forming something like a net over me. (note: In my journals I give a lot of detail about how the drones look and behave which I’m leaving out here, as I am trying to focus on documenting effects of directed energy and implants.)

September 2, 2017

Another daily – several times a day – symptom is the gradual heating of my body. It’s like a hot flash but more subtle. 2014-2015 I would have brief hot flashes at the beginning of EMF attacks; now it’s more a gradual, brief, temperature rising. It’s happening right now.

It is 9:09 a.m. I woke this morning with an unusual headache on the right side of my head, achy legs, and general malaise which seems connected to the devices now in my body. I went outdoors and saw my vision again has been affected with “floaters” – small dots, some target-shaped objects, along with more wormy shapes. All light colored, and then one dark speck. The dark speck appears close up while the light colored floaters seem distant, almost like moving stars.

Also this morning I woke up with a cut/slice on the tip of my ring finger on my right hand of unknown origin.

September 4, 2017 10:30 pm

Awoke this morning with new spots on right and left sides of my nose and on right eye. I got a heart-race attack this morning which I would have forgot except it happened a second time – or rather, I got a heart-area shocking sensation that made me remember my heart had also been raced. It seems like I get hit, then often I forget – like maybe I am zapped to forget after an attack. Yesterday, 9/3 I had a strong cramp in my right foot.

Today in late morning as I was looking at radio frequency detectors on a website, my left hand started going numb and my right achilles heel started vibrating like a cell phone.

I’ve had “normal” minor pin prick hits all day long – to thighs, legs, feet, fingers, head, chest, breast. Shocks to right breast. I’ve gotten almost a “tittie twister” on my left breast before.

Lots of “narcolepsy” – falling asleep all of a sudden.

September 5, 2017

Yesterday I got real sleepy all at once, lay down and dreamed about being molested and trafficked by Dave Grohl. (2018 comment: I now believe all my dreams are generated dreams.)

September 6, 2017

I am at the doctors wanting to see doctor to document skin conditions, since they provide empirical evidence of what is happening to me. I am concerned about trying to explain this knowing how I get defamed as mentally ill.

Additional symptoms:

– numbness in left hand/fingers
– vibrations in right achilles tendon area
– occasional sharp pains
– aches in legs, thighs, arms
– sudden onset cognitive difficulty
– coordination problems
– memory issues, especially short-term memory
– transient tinnitus or tones in ears
– hot flashes or gradual warming overall
– single “hot spot” on body
– pokes, itches, feeling of tiniest pricks
– spasming muscles in lip, chin, eye (all have occurred within past month)
– shortness of breath
– pains in implant locations
– lip tingling
– fingertip tingling
– pains in dental work
– teeth fracturing
– knee pain since 8/1
– mobility issues
– racing heart
– sudden mood changes
– sudden sleepiness or waking

Always seem to get some left hand numbness in shower now.

note: I tried to show the nurse practitioner the marks on my skin (which seemed fairly clear to me) and explain the other symptoms and she said “I’m concerned you’re seeing and feeling things that aren’t there.” Her medical record of that visit made it appear that I was seriously delusional and possibly dangerous. Since that visit I have been able to photograph inflammation showing outlines of implants, and show her video of me detecting frequencies with a bug detector. She now says that she believes what I’ve shown her is “real” but yet – even though there is no factual basis for it – I still cannot get the “delusional” diagnosis removed from my medical records.

September 8, 2017

Hand had been numb for about 4-5 days, then at doctors I gave list of symptoms that included hand-numbness, and after that it went away. But it’s back slightly this morning along with a pounding headache and of course the normal nerve pricks, itches, zaps I have had ever since the implants were activated in late July. The right side of my head gets zapped a lot with painful electric shock zaps. My right leg has many involuntary small muscle twitches and movements now. Also my left lip, upper and lower – all since 8/1.

I am really concerned about the long-term effects on my health. I can tell it affects my coordination and ability to write. I hate the ugly marks all over my face and body.

September 9, 2017

Plenty of zaps to the right side of my head. Feel like small electrical shocks. Right achilles tendon vibrates a lot.

September 10, 2017

Street lamps sometimes turn on or off when I pass underneath. Everything is LEDs now. All the meters in Portland seem to be smart meters. I feel often like my brain is on electrical overdose. My phone burns hot and the battery burns out. What is that about?

Note: at the Hollywood Max stop for a period of time in December 2017 I noticed a particular street lamp go off every time a drone passed overhead. (Same the station where the stabbings had occurred spring 2017.)

September 11, 2017

This morning I have once again a series of small electric shocks regularly applied to the right side of my head – like – zap…. zap…. zap…. + the normal poking, itchy spots, etc. zap…. zap…. zap….and the apartment building is being buzzed by planes, like just now at 6:46 a.m.

September 13, 2017

Zaps yesterday afternoon to right side of head – small but noticeable – all the regular zaps to head, neck, thighs, arms, legs, crotch, butt. And today too. It becomes “normalized.” Lots of planes in the sky today, buzzing apartment, leaving white trails everywhere. Yesterday while at the library left lamp on for Lion (cat). Came back, it had been turned off. Today I turned it off before I went to the store. Came back, it had been unplugged. Also yesterday, mysterious burn on my left wrist at a place difficult to photograph. Many of these marks show up in places that are hard to see or photograph.

September 14, 2017

Today, the usual pricks and series of shocks to the right side of head producing headache. Last night, 9/13, went to QFC followed by the usual drone swarm. Helicopter lands on Providence hospital landing pad.

September 21, 2017

Beginning yesterday morning (9/20), my back began to go stiff. I haven’t had back issues since about June 25. At that time they were clearly caused by directed energy attacks as I could feel the strong pain beam beneath my right shoulder for a day before the spasms started. And this was all shortly after coming to understand I had been implanted with radio frequency devices and was being tracked by drones, etc.

I have been wondering if my back pain is and has been entirely, or almost entirely, a manufactured situation. The pain – tremendous, horrible, debilitating pain – is real – but is it caused by directed energy attacks as much as anything else? Is that why it seems to happen no matter what I do or don’t do?

1:27 p.m.

My back is hurting worse – coordination getting bad. Hard to write. Pain in right side back of neck. Right jaw. Shortness of breath. Feelings like anger, dull crappy mood. EMF attacks. “Ultimate EMF” meter shows consistently higher readings of EMF on by back as opposed to my front. Higher on right than on left. So on front it would be from about .4 – .5 gauss, but in back it is more like .6 – .7 I feel ill from frequency attacks and various twitches, itches, and pokes. But the attacks and surveillance are the worst.

September 25, 2017

On 9/22 my back kept getting worse. I took flexeril and aspirin. And it got worse and worse. I also got hot flashes, etc. The hot flashes are a sure sign of a DEW attack. Now I know… The hot flashes have been connected to pain for some years but it is because electrical attacks are involved. I woke up Friday morning 9/22 with numb, tingling last 3 fingers on left hand. Got in shower – brain zaps, right side of head.

So the shortness of breath, even feelings of anger – I knew it was DEW attacks. So I ended up in the E.R. again. They put me in Room 37 (3 + 7 = 10 = Tarot Wheel of Fortune – a hint that the attacks were generated to cause my back pain). And when I went into the room, there was a single blue latex glove on the floor. They left me in the room for some time. I dozed a bit – the pain was still there but lessened. I wondered if it was because the attack was abating.

One thing I noticed is during one attack in the past year or two, the pain nearly ended – nearly – as I reached the E.R. At that time I was baffled, wondering if it was some kind of psychosomatic response. Now I believe electrical attacks have been implicated the WHOLE TIME. I have suffered from these flare-ups of incredibly severe pain and spasms several times a year for almost 30 years.

The doctor examined and treated me as usual in these situations. Just before I left the nurse or assistant asked if my pain had lessened during my time in the room. What an interesting question! Why would she ask that? Because it did lessen some. They are letting me know they are *literally* controlling my back pain! Or if it isn’t them, they know who is controlling it, and how.

September 27, 2017

Achey this morning. Dreams last night, failure dreams. Can’t remember details. Red lights were involved. I do believe I am constantly under attack. I mean, I am constantly being “touched.” No more door slamming. That was crazy making and went on for months, maybe a year (2014-2015).

I felt stiffness on my walk yesterday and believed it was from EMF attacks. I pulled out my phone and recorded EMFs mostly around .7 gauss but often around .9 Nothing below .5 Higher readings near the top of my thighs. There definitely seem to be periods when certain parts of my body register higher EMFs. Right now my right arm is stiff, right wrist hurts. It is very difficult to write. Plus I have cognitive issues – I couldn’t recall a name earlier I should have had no problem recalling. So yes, I was definitely attacked last night and yesterday. I get lots of thigh pokes. Right shoulder very stiff.

I get “poked” all the time. There are different types of pokes. There is an itchiness. There is a tiny, hairlike poke… so hard to describe because it isn’t like a physical sensation of being touched but like a neural firing of some unusual sort. There are pain pokes, inflammation, stiffness. There are pokes that feel like all the cells are somehow firing in a ring, like an anemone curling reflexively around prey. They seem to be able to manipulate my cells, nerves, muscles, often in bands or rings.

My arm and writing hand barely work and I feel fried so I’ll stop for now.

September 30, 2017

I have been having problems on my right side – trip to E.R. with severe pain on 9/22. Since then, ongoing problems in right shoulder, neck (usually very difficult to write by hand) and increasingly right foot, leg ankle. This is all generated pain. I can feel it now. It has been made obvious most clearly in the foot/ankle pain. I get charley horses out of nowhere.

Woke this a.m. with a nightmare I had some kind of Nazi boyfriend with a furry sweater and I was trying to get help to escape him before he kills me and he ends up killing someone else, maybe with a broken bottle. Probably generated, but who knows.

I can barely move a pen across paper. Right wrist hurts. Right neck hurts. I’m getting zaps in right side of my head. Oh, and I woke up with a right ankle and foot both feeling sprained. It is so hard to write. Implants in gut are activated now. Right side. Right heel. I am so tired. This is torture using victims own body controlled from exterior locations.

On Thursday evening, 9/28 I came home from doing stuff around town with increasing pain in right side. The right side attack had started – I noticed then – first on 9/27 with that band tightening in my right foot. Pain attacks through 9/28 and by evening I was hurting so much I had to take meds (5 mg oxycodone and 1 mg tinzandine). I noticed orange syringe caps around town (a form of whistleblowing). This woman gave Chris $50 on 9/28. On 9/29 he relapsed. I asked him when did he decide to relapse and he said it was 9/28 – the same day I was attacked with pain attacks and had to take a pain pill. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

To be clear: I believe Chris’ recent relapses were manufactured via use of implants/beam weapons. I KNOW now that my pain is manufactured.

Since heroin dealers can in some places be charged with murder when an addict dies – I think that anyone who attacks a recovering opiate addict with a relapse attack should DEFINITELY be charged with attempted murder. A dealer is providing something to someone who has already made a decision while these forced relapse attacks are focused against vulnerable people who are trying to stay clean.

To summarize: right side of my body has been under attack off and on since 9/21. E.R. visit 9/22. Some abatement, then increase. I spent 9/23 in bed, medicated. Chris returned from Seattle 9/24. I was able to get up and do stuff on 9/24 but I woke up with horrible headache. I felt I had been attacked. Now it’s 9/30 so the right body attack has gone on about 8-9 days.


At 8:30 pm I went to 7/11 a drone flew directly over my head, passing low a couple times as I walked to 7/11 and several more as I walked home, looping around. It had a green light on right wing, red light on left wing, yellow/peach light on tail, and a white flashing light on wings. The plane itself is invisible against the night sky. After it passed over me it would switch the tail to a pulsing red light. It is common for these aircraft to change their light patterns after the pass over my head. Sometime helicopters pass overhead and flash their spotlights on me.

There was a homeless guy getting crazy at 7/11 and threatening the cashier. He ran out with two cans of beer.

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