A Year In A Life

November 2, 2017

Stomach queasy. I feel that the implants in my gut are having a number of effects. They can cause gas. I hear weird noises coming out when I record myself speaking (my throat releasing strange gassy sounds). They make me feel sick sometimes. There are implants and radio frequencies all over my body.

November 3, 2017

Spots (new) on forehead in clusters, on tip of nose, and on right hand. Coughing fit as I’m writing this. Yesterday after my YouTube was bumped repeatedly to two videos: “Naomi’s Story” and “Techno Crime Fighters #24” and the Google mic kept activating – the implant in the right side of my throat was activated. Implant in left gut has been activated a lot lately, also, and seems implicated in these instant sicknesses which appear late at night and/or overnight.

I know that Project NAOMI or MK NAOMI was a bio-warfare program. And Naomi Levich died at age 49 of mucosal melanoma. I believe that Naomi Levich died at Providence Hospital which is where I was when all of this “Naomi’s Story” stuff started happening in my phone (there to request medical records). I was recovering from a cold because on October 10 some sick guy coughed on my phone (I believe deliberately) but I was almost 100% recovered – and that night (Nov 2) out of nowhere I get a bad cough, swollen sore-ish throat, TONS of mucus, but especially a cough. Implant in my throat seems key in this, implant in my left gut was activated several times, too. And all the pharmaceutical companies are currently putting out “flu symptom” ads. This is typical of these “diseases” caused by beam weapons and implants. When something happens to me, pharmaceutical company commercials come out which seem to address the same symptoms I’m having. Not sure if this is gloating or whistle blowing or a bit of both. It’s incredibly creepy.

(Note/aside: as I’m transcribing this journal it is now July 8, 2018, and I no longer regularly watch TV channels like the major networks NBC, etc, which feature a lot of pharmaceutical company commercials because it is too upsetting. But the channel we do have on frequently, Laff, is featuring a lot of Class Action Lawsuit commercials for Mesothelioma (lung cancer). The sad fact is that with as many implants as are in my body, there is any number of ways I can be “medically” assassinated. My feeling however, is they want to do it with some kind of cancer. I believe they see cancer as a profitable way to assassinate someone, because the treatment is so expensive. Also, they truly enjoy watching people suffer and financially rewarding medical research institutions who support and cover up their heinous acts. It sounds unbelievably horrific but I believe it is 100% real.)

Maybe biowarfare is being used as well. Yes, it is – the bed bugs that were planted in Brook’s bedroom in April 2017 while she was at her cousin Stormy (Thompson) Rojas’ funeral and right before finals week could be seen as a type of biowarfare – and the weird disease Chris and I caught simultaneously right after I returned from Timmy Thompson’s funeral in late March 2018. The guy coughing on my phone on October 10.

Who knows what these gut implants are about.

Anyway. I got sick overnight after that “Naomi” threat – and then walking outside, my right nostril just started POURING blood – no warning, nothing.

Coughing. Sore throat all day, gut hurting from implants. Left crown bothers me. I feel wiped out from these mind control energy attacks.

Suddenly computers at library and PCC library won’t download videos or at the public library either. I can’t even download zip directories from Google photos. When i try, I get a left thigh or ankle jab and/or right arm jab – signifying it was done on purpose as a way to restrict my ability to work.

The “Naomi” threat may have come because I was watching Techno Crime Fighters #33.

It is 9:48 p.m. now. On NBC a commercial just came on for Prevnar 13 for “bacterial pneumicoccal pneumonia” – talks about “sudden onset” of pneumicoccal pneumonia. I’ve been coughing today, with a sore throat, mucus.


DEATH of Uncle Dene (added information written July 8, 2018)

I was so distressed and terrified by the “Naomi’s Story” incident and all that it implied, not to mention all the family deaths, and the torture and illnesses (now involving an implants in my throat and around my lungs and lymph nodes) that I decided to go as public as I could about it. I posted a YouTube video on November 9 telling about my experience with the throat implants and the “Naomi’s Story” threat/warning. (A threat or warning is really the only way I can read it, with all it implies.) (I later saw there had been significant sabotage while I was working on the video, so I edited and replaced the video with a non-sabotaged version so the version that is public now carries a later publishing date. People can and do remotely access my computer and sabotage my work.) A little later (not sure exactly when, but according to my memory it was November 17) I posted a link to this video on twitter and I specifically quoted something about MK NAOMI saying that it was a program which studied how to assassinate people with cancers such as leukemia, and with heart attacks.

On November 26, my mother brought a card to my door to sign, saying that my Uncle Dene had died. He was 64. I asked how and when he died. He had died on November 19 of a heart attack. She said that he had had leukemia (no one had told me this, so I don’t know when it was) and he seemed to have recovered from the leukemia, but then he had a heart attack.

One reason I believe my Uncle was murdered was that he died, it appears, 17 days after I received the “Naomi’s Story” warning and 2 days, I think, after I wrote a post on Twitter about how Project Naomi involved leukemia and heart attacks. (Chris just started coughing as I write this, and grabbed his inhaler.) I am sorry I didn’t take a screenshot of this tweet, because I can’t find it anymore. Did someone delete it?

Another reason I believe that Uncle Dene was murdered is that I felt a lot of rage toward him in a period of time right before his death. I had often considered reaching out to him for help in my situation, but at one point in all this he kind of told me, “I know things aren’t going well for you right now” and the way he said it, I knew he would not help me. But out of everyone in my family, he is one who possibly could have helped me. He was wealthy.

I know now that the level of anger I felt, however, was out of proportion. I very much believe that that was all being induced via mind control tech, because they intended to assassinate him, and they intended to make it look like it was somehow my fault. Like I was “firestarter” or something, killing people with my thoughts. (I never saw Firestarter – the Drew Barrymore movie – this comparison is based on my memory of the film trailer.) They knew I knew they were doing remote neural monitoring – what I didn’t know is they were also implanting thoughts and emotional states via brain or brain-adjacent transponders and ELFs.


November 24, 2017

Last journal ended the first week of November. I became very ill in mid-October with a bio illness which then I healed from but became manufactured illnesses. Radio frequencies emanating from my lymph glands, breasts/lungs. Lots of mucus. Nasty throat implants activated, mostly on right side, but it seems like both sides. I fially healed around mid-November but oh man – I was in SO much pain and agony.

Thanksgiving was yesterday. Just Chris and me. Brook was in California. Seems like I was gen mostly reprieve leading up to and during Thanksgiving. But I woke this a.m. with red eyes, new red spots on my chest. Got knocked into a nap as I often do now, woke up with aching legs and slightly aching back. Typical to nap and wake up with pain. Writing is slightly difficult now.

Maybe they fire at me with weapons while I sleep but I think the pain is implant-generated. The leg pain is like what I thought was hormonal pain I used to get as part of PMS.

Last night the sky was clear but empty. A few flying drones, but no stationary star-like drones. Also, very little implant activation. Tonight a different story. Tonight I went outside at 10:30 to grab something at Fred Meyers and BOOM! Lots of bright, fake stars and right in the middle of them, a new faux constellation – Orion! (FAUX-RION.)

“Orion” was located to the east across 61st when I left for Fred Meyers. When came out of Fred Meyers, there were no stars. As I got to the edge of the parking lot, I saw a single “star” on the horizon. I crossed N.E. Glisan, and as I reached the other side, “Orion” slowly appeared but fainter than it was before. The single star on the horizon was one of the bottom stars of “Orion.” When I returned “Orion” was 1/2 way behind a tree on the south side of the parking lot. Then stars around the edges came out, then a drone flew past and the stars all grew brighter. (Faux-rion doesn’t have all the detail and nuance of the real Orion, and also, it was a little bit smaller, and there was no Taurus. I’ve never seen Orion before without also seeing Taurus.)

Orion in legend is slain by Artemis who is the Greek version of the Roman Diana, Goddess of the Moon, twin of Apollo, protector of women and girls, name of Wonder Woman. Symbols include golden bough, “Diana’s mirror,” hunting dog, stag, moon.

November 25, 2018

Phone heating up a lot last night and today, and today getting some of that Google mic disruption too. Google mic activates for no reason, says, “listening.” Also phone turns off as I turn it on. Obviously the message is to stay away from the phone – but a message from whom? And why?

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