A Year In A Life

December 4, 2017

I have a “new” implant in my back. It is on the lower left side. I first noticed pains/pulls there abut two weeks ago. The twinges lasted a day or so, then subsided. Then, a couple days ago, it came back. Meanwhile, watching reruns of Roseanne, I saw a couple episodes which seem to allude to implants. One was the “Gilligan’s Island” (May 24, 1995) where Jackie’s character is picking up radio signals with her teeth. The other episode was where the two daughters are drinking peppermint schnapps and a reference is made to all the “switchblades” in (DJ’s) back. (“The Last Date,” October 24, 1995) “Blades” which can be switched on and off – that is basically what these implants are. I find it very difficult to express the pain and agony these implants cause and the rage it makes me feel, knowing this harm is being done to me on purpose.

Nirvana’s song “Polly”: “Polly says her back hurts – She’s just as bored as me.” This was written just before my back problems really exploded. I think this was a way that Cobain was admitting that he believed that he too suffered from implant-generated pain (his biggest problem was in his stomach). My father’s family had a timeshare at the Polynesian Hotel where Cobain worked as a janitor in the 1980s.

Medical torture uses plausible deniability. The new back implant started to fire when I was sitting down – like, if you sit or twist wrong, it is PLAUSIBLE you have pulled a muscle in your lower back. But I knew I hadn’t done anything to stimulate these pains. I am beginning to understand how these implants work; how they electronically stimulate muscles and nerves to cause them to tighten or spasm involuntarily. There is a very good possibility that my back problems – dating back to that very first episode – were manufactured artificially.

The back problems almost killed me more than once. They have wrecked havoc on my life. I am so sick that the whole world silently witnessed these atrocities.

Meanwhile, they were spying on Chris, too – the years he was homeless on the streets of San Francisco, his music career destroyed, his music stolen, his ideas stolen, his wife a prostitute in every definition of the word. Look at TV shows from those years (1997-2005). It’s a big party.

And me, I was really struggling too, as a single mother. For long periods of time, I went hungry. I was so hungry around 2002-04, my body began to break down. Later, I began to have panic attacks which I now believe were partly or entirely induced by directed energy weapons in order to cultivate regular use of addictive anti-anxiety medicine such as Ativan. (The Ativan story is actually its own narrative – I can now see the shape of how that whole thing was set up beginning with a problematic IUD insertion in I think 2004.)

The code for “doctor” is “duck.” (Probably related to the word “quack.”) There is an insurance company called “Afflack” with a duck for a mascot. In one commercial they talk about how the duck “has your back” – a triple meaning. (We are in “the back.”) There are with torture implants, just as with the directed energy attacks, many subtle indication that the situation is in fact WIDELY known – at least among journalists and in the entertainment business. It is treated as a joke, as something non-serious, as something the medical industry is entitled to – just as the efforts to turn Chris into an opiate addict, or to stimulate relapses, or to opportunistically use drug-induced states to harm a person with mind control technology is treated as a joke. This is a way to dehumanize the victim, and it treats medical abuse (deliberate malpractice) as if it is a non-serious past time to which doctors are entitled.

The doctors seem to feel it is ok to use these implants as a type of cattle prod, just as directed energy weapons were used earlier this year. If they don’t like what I say or do, they may decide to activate the torture features of these implants. I also believe they have deliberately caused my father’s hand to shake.

December 15, 2017

(Notes from July 8, 2018) On this day, singer/songwriter Dolores O’Riordan dies suddenly at age 47. Dolores O’Riordan’s biggest hit was a 1990s song called “Zombie” which I realize is inspired by two pages from journal of mine from 1988. One is a letter from Chinese American students at University of Minnesota sharing unreported facts about atrocities of the Tiananmen Square massacre (talking about their “tanks and guns”), and the other is an inner monologue of mine which I’ve written out, naming the two characters in my head “Rebel” and “Zombie.” (Elsewhere I’ve written about how I know my journals have been covertly and widely shared.)

O’Riordan’s death, as bad as it is for her – is also a huge concern for me. These are Satanic ritual murders made to appear like bad luck (murders, murder/suicides), accidents, random disease (cancers) or medical events. What has been emphasized to me most of all is that they occur in linked pairs. “Twins.” (This is one way you know that 9/11 was in fact a Satanic event. It involved “twin” towers and it was also twinned with the Klamath Salmon Kill on the opposite coast one year later.)

Dolores O’Riordan was born in Limerick, the same part of Ireland as my targeted family line (Massey). Though this is not the only death that could be potentially twinned to me (for example, a woman named Erika Meyer was killed in a car accident in Portland a few years ago – explaining perhaps why in January 2014 I was attacked so brutally by aggressive drivers and sabotage of my vehicle) the connection is obvious, and made even more so by the fact that O’Riordan, too, suffered from chronic severe back pain flare-ups of “unknown” origin. Although her cause of death was never released, I believe it would have been a catastrophic event (like an aneurism) brought about by the use of covert medical implants.

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