A Year In A Life

January 1, 2018

Gone almost a month without writing. Stuff happened in December, just not as intese as the DEW attacks in March – May or the bio/DEW attacks in October-November. I am regularly hit with mind-control weaponry as evidenced mostly by red eyes in the morning or sudden sleepines, or sudden unexplained urges to eat or drink, and typical dreams. For example, on 12/30 in the morning, Chris and I both woke from remembered dreams. His was: His father had been in the basement fighting with a flesh-colored hulk-like monster. The monster shot an arrow and wounded Chris’ father, but in the end his father had killed the monster with a sword. In a room above, “Jewish” men in suits were going to pay Chris’ father for killing the monster and were figuring out what to pay, and the mood was celebratory. Meanwhile, I was dreaming a variation of a dream I’ve had at least since my early 20s if not longer… Getting onto a plane that doesn’t work right. In this instance, the plane begins to take off, then lands in an enclosed space. The pilot announces we will be waiting here temporarily. I – and everyone – fasten my seatbelt. It is an over-the shoulder seatbelt, like in a car. Chris and I woke up from these two dreams simultaneously. Both dreams have the same meaning: the fight is over, you “win.” Now sit tight and wait…

NOTE (July 9, 2017) I’m better at interpreting dreams now than I was back in January. It’s true that these are two interlocking dreams – it’s true that the meaning is “sit back and wait” – but these dreams are lies. At some point you realize, after you get told to wait, and then everything falls apart again and again – that “waiting” is deadly. The message has always been, someone else is running this game, just do what they say. But it’s all a lie. Whoever is telling you to wait – that’s the person you have to defeat. That’s what I think now – that “waiting” – or generally doing as you’re told – especially by an untrustworthy person, especially when it goes against all common sense – is deadly.

I did have a dream earlier in the night involving “The Game” and all I remember was the black and white checkerboard, maybe on a scarf, like in the Jaguar commercial – and being really angry about it.

I am trying to separate the traditional parts of this “Game” from the parts that are sheer evil, if that is possible. Of all the “players” in his, I am most troubled by the doctors/medical establishment. This is not a group which should be permitted to turn evil/dark. Their work is too important. The Nazis showed what happens when doctors are permitted to indulge in “dark arts.”

Also in December I saw FAUX-RION – the fake Orion constellation – many more times – and had it “follow” me and move around the sky as the other faux constellations have done. Still no Taurus, though. And Orion was not really complete – stars missing from his sword and bow. Plus other random stars around him. Then later, like a couple of nights ago on a clear night, no Orion, but the “T” constellation was out.

Another characteristics= of these drones that mimic stars in relation to me is that when I walk along a busy street like NE Glisan or Burnside, they tend to disappear. The sky suddenly turns to black velvet and if I really search with my eyes, maybe I’ll see a single star drone, just letting me know, yeah, we’re still here. Then as I turn down a dark street, they pop out again, “Disney eyes” style. I call it “Disney eyes” because it’s like in a Disney animated film when sets of eyes pop out of the darkness one by one (or set by set) like animals in a dark forest.

Another significant “event” or shall we say “feature” of December has been MIND READING. Or, more specifically, letting me know that my mind is being “read.” My thoughts. And right now, I am getting hints that my mind is being read as I am writing.

Also, I’ve learned more about thought implantation.

On November 24, 2017 I had a series of memories and ruminations that went like this: First, I remembered an event from about 4th grade in which I had, for some unknown reason, taken to drawing swastikas with chalk around the concrete at Melinda’s house. It’s possible that the only reason I remember this is because I had been scolded and because Melinda and I talked about it later. I began to wonder where that came from. Where had I learned about swastikas and why did I get on this tear and start drawing them all over? (I think I even kind of wondered this at the time, when I was shaken out of it.) I realized also – this Nazi fascination came back to me a few years later again. BUT WHY? And why does my mother “seem” German though she is really mostly Swedish? And why did she study the German language and travel to Germany in college? And why did my aunt become a German teacher? I was wondering about all of this, and then I started washing dishes and thinking really hard about what I learned in grade school (trying to figure out when and how I learned about Nazis). In my head I went through, year by year, everything I remember learning in history and social studies. Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, etc. I thought through all the subjects we studied, and remembered projects like the 3rd grade California Mission models, studying Central and South America in 6th grade, etc. I truly can’t remember when or even if we studied World War II at all in grade school. While deep in thought about all of this, it occurred to me that maybe my mind was being read. I thought this because of how intensely I was thinking, but also I was probably receiving some kind of feedback (by this point, I was getting so much feedback in the form of pricks and pokes on my body that I noticed it only at a subconscious level). But I had this strong feeling that my thoughts were being read. And I continued thinking.

The day after this, November 25, I noticed an opinion piece published in the New York Times. The article is titled “How To Get Your Mind To Read” and it was written by Daniel T. Willingham. Willingham has a Wikipedia page in which he is described as a psychologist at the University of Virginia who’s research focuses on the application of findings from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to K-12 education. He earned his PhD from Harvard, and his profesional focus is on brain mechanisms supporting learning, with a specific focus on how different memories interact.

The subject of the November 25, 2017 article was the interaction of different forms of learning and knowledge with reading comprehension. He was making the argument that when grade school reading materials contain good information (like information about history, science, etc) it helps increase reading comprehension and knowledge (I have to look up the article again, but that was basically it). The article seemed to run a parallel to that thought process I’d just had the previous day: “What kinds of things did we learn in grade school, and how and when did we learn it?” And the title was striking: “Teaching your mind to read” (mind-reading). And the illustration with it was striking as well, from my perspective – the colors were white, light yellow, dark yellow, and one shade of dark grey. It was the silhouette of a girl reading a book with a picture of a train on it. In her “head” you see disjointed train parts – wheels, tracks, shapes – disjointed, floating. The colors reminded me of one of my oldest dreams – a nightmare of a house burning, and my black cat burning up in the house, and everything in the dream is either black or orange and kind of 2-dimensional.

To me it appeared that the neuroscientist author had somehow “read” my mind and used my thoughts to inspire an article on the same topic – but thinking about it further, I realized there was no way that could have happened. The turnaround would have been less than 24 hours on a published article and illustration. I do believe there was a transfer of ideas, but it came from the opposite direction. My “train” of thought, or the parts for it, had been pushed into my head from an outside source.

January 2, 2018

I was doing stuff at the computer and it was very quiet as far as cars, planes, etc. Then I got up and Chris had asked me to mail a t-shirt at the post office. I told him to give me the address. At this point I had no idea who or where he was mailing this t-shirt. I gave him a pen and paper to write it down and got my stuff together to hike to the post office. As I was getting my stuff together I heard a song in my head – “Mellow Yellow” by Donovan. I wondered in the back of my head “where did this come from” as I hadn’t heard that song in a long time. I had looked at a couple of videos about a week or so ago, but not that song. So then I spontaneously started singing “E-leck-trickal banana – gonna be the very next phase – electrical banana – gonna be the very next craze – they call it MKULTRA!” I thought I was being clever because I was making a connection in my mind between the “electrical banana” and the color forms I played with as a child, and the color form banana on the Velvet Underground record, and mind control, and directed energy weapons, and the “banana peel smoking” that happened in the 1960s. (They called it mellow yellow.) I feel like color forms were used in mind reading / induced dreams.

So as I sang “They call it MKULTRA!” the wall-knocker thumped once. Then a few minutes later as I was ready to go, I picked up the address from Chris and saw that the man he was mailing a t-shirt to was named James Donovan. He was writing Donovan’s address when a Donovan tune “spontaneously” popped into my head. This told me that yes, thoughts and ideas can be, and are, placed into my head in a manner that seems spontaneous.

January 4, 2018

Woke up at 4 a.m. (or the cat, Lion, woke me), fed lion, then went back to sleep. I began at some point to dream about Bob Dylan. Meanwhile, Chris had gotten up and was reading. My dream was specifically that I was dating this guy and Dylan was his dad. We were all in a house together. Eventually I woke up and Chris was sitting there reading a book. One of the first things I wondered as I was waking up is if Dylan was “placed” into my dream. As soon as I was fully awake Chris started talking to me about his book. He is reading a biography of Bob Dylan. So as he was sitting there quietly reading about Bob Dylan, I was having this dream with Dylan as a main character. So either the telepathy is direct between Chris and me, or, more likely, it was a demonstration of how my dreams are generated. It makes me think about Dylan’s Talking WWIII Blues, “I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours.”

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