What is a Targeted Individual (TI)?

What I can discern is that a targeted individual is a person who has been placed on some type of list which enables a global community of stalkers to mercilessly spy on, harass, torment, torture, blacklist, gaslight, traumatize, smear and otherwise haunt that person indefinitely or until the person dies. Break-ins, food contamination, sabotage of equipment, and assassination attempts are common. Targets can be any age, race, or gender, though it seems that most targets belong to some type of minority and disproportionately female.

Gang-stalking is done for fun and/or for profit. A website called stopbeamweapons.com references being hired to do “skit work” which is street theatre done to influence, confuse, or harass a target. Strategic (or frequent) door slamming, “symbolic” objects thrown into the path of a target, and coded communications are all part of the gangstalking repitoire. Targets may be tracked and followed on foot, by cars, or from the air. They are spied on in the most intrusive, invasive, ways possible. They have no privacy.

One of the worst parts of being a target is being subjected to torture by microwave, electromagnetic, ultra sonic, and even radioactive military-grade weaponry. This weaponry damages us at a cellular level, damages memory, affects emotional states, and in the long-term, very likely causes cancer and other illness. Directed energy weapons can be used to create short- or long-term incapacitation or death.

Many targets report being being assaulted with pesticides or other poisonous gasses in their own homes. Some report unusual encounters with biting, buzzing, or stinging insects. Many are tormented by commands, lies, and verbal abuse via a technology called “voice to skull” or V2K. Targets may be especially hesitant to report V2K because it is so easy to dismiss “voice in the head” as a symptom of schizophrenia.

Many targets experience events which suggest their minds are being “read” (wireless remote neural monitoring). Many experience unusual or disturbing dreams induced via beam weapons. All targets experience different forms of sleep deprivation and/or manipulation.

Most targets also seem to have one or more radio frequency devices covertly inserted into their bodies. These devices ensure that no matter where a target goes, she/he/they can be located, surveilled, and if necessary, tortured and “controlled.”

Why should such an elaborate system be set up to monitor, track, and torture everyday citizens? Maybe this is a question that can be answered by individuals writing for this website.

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