Site Goals

The primary goals of this website are:

1. to provide a place for legitimate targeted individuals (TIs) to share their personal experiences in regard to targeting. While this may be therapeutic, the most important thing is to shine a light on the truth. Every form of major media has majorly dropped the ball here in the form of a blackout and disinformation campaign.

By providing a collection of true stories in a single place, a reader should be able to come to understand the individual nuances and larger patterns connected to the crime of targeting.

2. to provide as much truth and data as possible to back up the stories we tell. Most targeted individuals (TIs) are accustomed to having their claims dismissed and their understanding of reality questioned. Many have been declared paranoid or delusional by doctors or police. The more we are able to back our common claims up with consistent record-keeping and hard data, the less power these dismissals will have.

3. to end targeting as we know it. The act of targeting violates fundamental human rights along with many other fundamental laws in every single country in which it occurs. Targeting violates international laws against torture, surveillance, nonconsensual human experimentation and human trafficking. Nonetheless, in every single country where targeting occurs, military, police, and health care systems are complicit.

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