Writers’ Guidelines

1. This site will be lightly curated. By that I mean that

  • Each author own her/his/their own content.
  • Editor reserves the right to unpublish or remove content which violates site goals and guidelines.

2. Every author should write an introductory piece in which she/he/they introduce themselves and give a narrative overview of their experience with targeting. The targeting and beam weapons questionnaires may help you in getting started. After that, I welcome authors to continue with blogs or logbooks, TI related artwork, or other information related to the topic at hand.

3. Be truthful. Focus on facts and strive to see and describe things for what they are. Support your assertions with evidence. For example, if you believe that you have been implanted with one or more radio frequency microchips, explain specifically what evidence makes you believe this.

The best kinds of evidence for supporting your assertions are measurements from a reliable device. Katherine Horton (Stop 007 on YouTube), for example, records microwave attacks with a radio frequency reader and radiation attacks (!) with a Geiger counter. Dr. Horton was able to detect a covertly implanted chip in her navel with a radio frequency reader. Implants can be remotely activated and even if you don’t have a measurement device, you may have sensed this activation. Descriptions of physical sensations associated with weapons and radio frequency implants are another type of evidence.

Photographs are a good type of evidence. Most of us use our smartphones as cameras nowadays, and depending on how yours is set up, you can record a great deal of meta-information with a photograph. My phone records the date, time, and location of each photo taken. Beam weapons frequently leave marks on skin. Photograph physical signs and make notes about where, when, and how they occur.

It is a good idea to log your experiences with date, time, and other pertinent information. Directed energy attacks cause memory loss. And it is a really good idea to back this information up. TIs report a lot of evidence tampering and theft, so photograph evidence and back up photos to a protected server or cloud service such as DropBox.

4. Avoid naming individual perps by name on this site. Even though you are responsible for your own assertions, as site owner/editor I don’t want to take any chance of publishing defamatory accusations. If you need to name your perps, do it somewhere else and link to that place if you need to. Overall, I think perps are a secondary issue. If police are not pursuing targeting crimes, there is something much, much bigger than any given perp at work.

5. Anyone who appears to be a disinformation or disruption agent, anyone who appears to be lying, will not be published. Anyone who makes ad hominem (personal) attacks, especially ad hominem attacks against other targeted individuals, will not be published. Refute the person’s argument if you must; don’t attack the person.

6. Racism and similar types of behavior will not be tolerated.

7. Consider using your real name. I realize that many targets feel they can’t use their real name because of their personal or work situations. Using your real name may make you more vulnerable in some ways. However, using your real name also gives you tremendous power. People who use real names tend to be seen as more credible. Should mainstream journalists ever muster up the courage to write truthfully about targeting, using your real name makes you an accessible and more credible potential source.

8. You probably already know that to write about or otherwise expose targeting activities tends to be met with retaliation, at least at first. Retaliation is meant to discourage us from contact with each other and recording what is happening. But targeting won’t end if it isn’t exposed for the atrocity it is.

I experienced severe retaliation while writing an affidavit about directed energy weapon attacks, but it was worth it, because at the end I had an affidavit that could help me and others, and I didn’t acquiesce to the demands of criminals. The more good information we can record, the better chance we have to end this crime.

As it stands, targets are generally stalked and harassed until they die (usually, it seems, of cancer or a heart attack). With that kind of future to look forward to, most of us would rather go through some additional pain now in attempts to end the torture than to “tolerate” it until it destroys us.

9. We are all experiencing effects from many different types of covert and experimental technology. We may struggle at first to understand and explain how certain effects (induced dreams, voice-to-skull, remote manipulation of electronic devices, car hacking, etc) are created, and as we research and discuss, our understanding grows more refined. When discussing technology, please try to be clear about when you are speculating versus when you have evidence. I have experienced things which I have no explanation for. Sometimes you just have to describe the experience.

10. A note about covert technologies: some of the technology used on us sounds unlikely at first, but we have already established it is real, so we really don’t need to prove it again and again. For example, we know that radio frequency / directed energy weapons are real, that there have been patents related to them since the 1960s, and that they have been used covertly on civilians at least since the 1970s.

Other technologies might need more explanation. Involuntary implants are an interesting component that are worth discussing. Do you think you have implants? What makes you think that? How long do you think you’ve had them? How do you think they are being used? Personal experience, measurements, and photographs can all help fill out the picture.

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