Letter to the Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon

Here is the email I sent last night to the mayor of Portland, Oregon.

Dear Mayor Wheeler –

I have had problems with being tracked and attacked here in Portland for several years now. When I first tried to report the surveillance to police, they tried to have me locked up in a hospital. I don’t know what is in my police records, but I suspect things have been falsified.

Meanwhile, I’ve been attacked with electromagnetic frequencies for many years now, and it’s just getting worse and worse. I noticed the issue about five years ago. Using a radio frequency detector, I found that implants in my body are being used to create severe pain and disease.

When Charlie Hales was Mayor I tried to contact him at least three times, asking for a meeting and/or help to find a remedy to my situation. Nothing was done. (See attached files.) I also wrote to probably two different police chiefs here in Portland. As you can see from the attached correspondence, my primary complaint to Mayor Hales (and the police) had to do with the intrusive surveillance and human trafficking. This is mostly because I was concerned that a complaint about directed energy attacks would bring about accusations of me being “delusional” – as had happened several times (by people who most certainly know better). However, last October I purchased equipment with which I have been able to detect radio frequencies emanating from several locations inside my body ( see: https://youtu.be/mhMbD8mXIeg ) as well as in my apartment; I have been able to photograph inflammation directly related to torture from covertly placed non consensual implants; and I have many, many photos of marks and burns on my body from microwave weapons. There is a narrative here: https://www.untargetme.com/2018/08/09/a-year-in-a-life/

Can you help me put an end to these brutal and unconstitutional assaults? They seem to involve local hospitals (as perpetrators), and they may also involve police. I’d be happy to speak with you in person if that is helpful as far as figuring out a solution.

Thank you,

Erika Meyer

To this email I attached the copies of all the letters I had sent to Mayor Hales in 2014 and 2015 and kept copies of (there were a couple instances where I didn’t keep copies of an email sent through the website and a form filled out in his office requesting a meeting). I may decide to upload these later, after removing some private information.

screenshot of email (same text as blog entry)
Email to Mayor Wheeler sent on August 8, 2018

Ramola D’s Need to Know Report No. 7: Spotlight on Psychiatry Subverted – Medical Kidnap

Embedding an entry from Ramola D’s “Need To Know” Reports on YouTube followed by my notes, mostly just a recap of where to find specific content in the video. Ramola D also runs The EveryDay Concerned Citizen blog. She and 28-year NSA veteran (and whistleblower) Karen Stewart are members of Techno Crime Fighters Joint Investigation Team. Marie LaBelle has 18 years experience as a mediator with the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. (A more in depth summary of the video is found on its YouTube page.) Because of its potential importance for similar court cases, I have chosen to make these reference notes.

00:00-04:00 A general background of the situation involving Melanie Vritschan and Hôpital Erasme (Erasmus Hospital) is given. Notes that Melanie has gone into a psychiatric hospital to be “observed” interacting with her baby for 30 days, and if she had not done so, her baby would have been placed into foster care.

04:33-05:03 Karen notes that the entire incident was spurred by heresy (an “innocent comment” made by another person) and was “obviously politically motivated.” Says there is no reason to put Person A in a psychiatric hospital because of what Person B said. “or we could all be in psychiatric hospitals if we live anywhere near a… person with mental illness.”
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