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Targeting-Related Blogs and Websites

  • Stop007.org Dr. Katherine Horton, a high-energy particle physicist, became a target of microwave weapon attacks while a research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford. She is a member of Techno Crime Fighters / Joint Investigation Team.
  • everydayconcerned.net editor Ramola D is a member of Techno Crime Fighters / Joint Investigation Team.
  • Techno Crime Fighters Forum on YouTube
  • Joint Investigation Team
  • Interview with Melinda Kidder / H-SCADA scanning
  • Bigger Than Snowden “…has one mission, to raise awareness of modern techniques used to illegally repress and subjugate innocent civilians, in the U.S.A. and worldwide. Our focus is primarily on the tactics related to “gang-stalking” a.k.a organized stalking, and more worrisomely, the torture and subjugation with electromagnetic weapons that often goes alongside it.”
  • sites.google.com/site/targetedstalkedterrorized/home
  • youarenotmybigbrother.wordpress.com/ is a bit difficult to navigate, but information-rich.
  • https://iamnotaprototype.com Winnie Mangwende is a citizen of Zimbabwe, living in the U.K. and being victimized by what seems to be dark forces connected to the U.S. military. Winnie is a photographer, and a group identifying themselves as “illuminati” initially claimed they would help her publicize her photography. Soon, however, was subject to 24/7 mind control attempting to groom her to commit violent terrorist acts including child sacrifice. Winnie recalls receiving her first implant as a child in the 1980s from a “healer” in Zimbabwe who placed it in her naval.
  • Elite Human Trafficking by Sierra Peterson. Like most of us, Sierra Peterson seems to have been targeted since childhood. This article contains a lot of shocking allegations which I wouldn’t believe, except that I have witnessed or personally experienced too many similar – and in some cases, almost identical – incidents.
  • stoppsywar.com / http://stopbeamweapons.com seems to be maintained by one or more individuals who have both been targeted, and worked for organizations which do the targeting. This site contains a lot of information about “secret” beam weapons and their effects including things like deliberately beaming a target to make him or her angry and aggressive, electronic mind reading, and generated dreams. It is interesting to see a paid perp’s point of view.

On YouTube

NSA Whistleblowers William Binney & Kirk Wiebe speak on Targeted Individuals

Launch of the Global Targeted Individual Survey
with William Binney and Kirk Wiebe

Stop007 Dr. Katherine Horton’s YouTube channel

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There are many, many, TI accounts on Twitter. Here are a few.