Ramola D Reports #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis of Melbourne Australia

Report #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis – Author of the Red Back Web

Here is the embedded video from Ramola D’s YouTube channel

Dr. Helen Tsigounis of Melbourne, Australia is the author of a book called The Red Back Web (free download via archive.org).


4:40 Dr. Helen Tsigounis has been targeted since 1994.

4:45 “The medical school was actually controlled by new world order agents. Some of them were high degree Freemasons, other were part of the Illuminati Satanic cult, also known as the Otto, which is registered in Australia as a Satanic cult… It appears that this these groups have actually infiltrated all areas of the system in Australia: medicine, the law, the media, the government, the intelligence agencies. It appears that this network actually is the deep state… they are on the highest echelons of power controlling the deep state… so we have a network that is actually controlling all aspects of society in Australia.”
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